Survey results

BP2019 Survey results

No one needs (or wants) reminding of the atrocious harvest conditions running up to BP2019. Inevitably this influenced grower turnout, but not to the extent some predicted. In fact, analysis shows that key decision makers from the majority of businesses attended, although for one rather than both days and sometimes with fewer of their farm teams. A key finding behind this robust support is that when questioned, half of visitors said that they had made the firm decision to attend ‘some months ahead’. 

This resilience also helps explain why overall data for visitor quality and business engagement remains exceptional…

  • Visitor quality (level of interest, decision making or purchasing power) was rated positively by 95% of exhibitors with a quarter rating it excellent.
  • 98% of visitors rated the overall event positively, with over a third describing it as excellent.

  • Effect
  • 70% of exhibitors expect to do business as a result of exhibiting and two thirds reported making useful new contacts.
  • 73% of visitors may do business as a result of attending, with over half saying they definitely will. 78% may also change something in their business as a result of something they saw or heard.

  • Organisation
  • 91% describe the show as well or very well organised
  • 87% of exhibitors and 97% of visitors want the show to retain its traditional late-November timing.

  • Next show
  • 96% of exhibitors will consider exhibiting again, with 89% saying they are probably or definitely going to do so.
  • 85% of visitors asked to be kept informed about the next event.

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